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Bennett’s Tea

Bennett was a close friend to all the founders of Love Some Tea.  It was this amazing friendship that led to each of the founders meeting each other.  Bennett was an incredible person, he built a thriving business in Thailand, employing many Thai people.  Bennett was one of the nicest people you could ever meet, he was always was there to help anyone who needed it.  Bennett’s belief was this:  Any friend of yours will be a friend of mine.  His good nature and compassion were shown to myself and the other founders all the time.  Bennett was  American born, but Thai at heart and his true love and passion was Thailand and its people.  He was loved in Thailand and everywhere he went and will be terribly missed.

Bennett lost his battle with Leukemia in 2016.   We still cannot believe his passing, and though the loss is significant, we want to honor Bennett each month with Bennett’s tea.

Once a month, we will honor Bennett’s memory by designating one tea as Bennett’s Tea.  We will take proceeds from each sale of Bennett’s tea and donate it to help build and update schools for the Hill Tribe people of Thailand.  Hill Tribe people grow and harvest the tea leaves that create Love Some Tea, and work in much of the local economy.  Bennett believed heavily in giving back to the people, so we honor his commitment and memory by donating to this worthy cause.

an image of Bennett Grunberg