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Love Some Tea – Philanthropy

Love Some Tea is and always will be a socially responsible company.  We are committed to donating money and time to several charities.  Initially we will start with two and increase this as we move forward and grow.

Naka Elephant Foundation –

NAKA is dedicated to the conservation & wellbeing of elephants; a precious & endangered species. With our extensive network of both worldwide elephant experts and on the ground practitioners, we have access to all elephant related matters — approaching each with credible expertise. Our key areas of focus include: communication and awareness, field-project funding and educating the public on both wild and working elephants.

Bennett’s Tea –

Bennet was a dear friend of all the founders.  Unfortunately, he passed last year, but his dedication to children living in Thailand lives on.  Bennett used his influence to help build schools for Hill Tribe children who had no schools to attend.  Love Some Tea will name a specific flavor each month and proceeds from the sale of Bennett’s tea will be used to continue his tradition of helping to build schools in Thailand.

US Charities –

Every Holiday season in America, Love Some Tea will donate a percentage of our profits to benefit specific charities in the United States. We will update which charities will receive donations each year.