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Our Story

Love Some Tea (LST) was an idea conceived of by the 2 initial founders Rob and Scott.  Rob and Scott met each other in Thailand in 2006, and became good friends.  They shared many interests from their love of music and sports, to their love of Thailand.  In 2015, Rob had the opportunity to market a unique brand of amazing tea grown naturally in Northern Thailand.  Rob mentioned this to Scott, and they came up with the idea for LST.  The name came from discussions between Scott and Rob, and in 2016 they set up Love Some Tea to operate out of California.

Love Some Tea’s first and foremost mission is to help support the amazing Hill Tribe farmers in Northern Thailand who grow, harvest, and flavor the tea.  Love Some Tea believes that is important to pay a fair price for the tea so that the Hill Tribe farmers and their families can continue to live on their land and practice their customs without interference from outside influences.

The second part of Love Some Tea’s mission is to sell high quality amazing tea from Thailand.  This tea is unique because its grown naturally, without fertilizer of pesticides.  It grows naturally in the forests of Northern Thailand, without disturbing natural habitats for elephants and other animals.  Love Some Tea is high quality tea with incredible flavor and taste.

Love Some Tea is committed to both supporting the Hill Tribe Farmers in Northern Thailand and to provide a unique and delicious tea drinking experience for our customers.

Love Some tea, natural tea, naturally Thai.