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LST Launches

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What a summer so far for LST. We started out with the goal of launching our website by June, as with all web endeavors there were unforeseen delays. Our graphic artist has been phenomenal in designing our branding, product packaging, and even web graphics. We are super stoked with the website and the ability to sell our products online. We will soon be launching on Amazon and several other online marketplaces. For now we will be carrying only the four teas listed, as we grow we will add new flavors. Keep in touch and tell us what interests you, it might just be our next flavor.

Our mission is to provide world class teas that are grown Plantation Free without need for pesticides, fertilizers, or really any human interaction other than picking and trimming the plants from time to time. When we say Plantation Free, we mean it. Our teas grow wild in the mountains of Northern Thailand, elephants and other wildlife roam freely through the tea. The tea isn't planted in rows, it is planted sporadically throughout the jungles and in the meadows on the edges of the jungle.

We really are just a couple of guys with a passion for tea. When you order from us we are the ones hand packaging and shipping your tea, rest assured we provide only the highest level of service.

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